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Thursday, October 12, 2006

New outlook

When Mike and I decided to divorce, he told me that we were both about to embark on an incredible journey. I didn't believe him, especially in those first few months where I was so fucked up. Here I am, a year later. I feel a great sense of inner peace and comfort. I have faith that I not only will be alright in the future, but that I am actually great now.

It's such an amazing thing how one day you just wake up from the daze and realize how great life is. If I read back through the past year and 1/2 or so, I am intrigued at how deep my sadness was and how it has all turned around. Life has been quiet around here, not necessarily a bad thing though. It has given me time to reflect and appreciate how lucky I am. I have regained my own sense of who I am and feel rejuvinated. Like I'm alive...It's unbelievable to me how long I lingered in self pity and sorrow, for seemingly no reason. But here I am! Happy and loving life and myself. I never thought I would hear these words from my own mouth, and somehow....It's so fantastic!

I read all about how twisted A. had me, and how screwed I felt by Mike, and those things don't even barely elicit minute thought from me! I never imagined it at the time that I would ever feel anything but eternal sadness. I truly feel happy, isn't that a great thing? I wish it on the whole world...


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